I wish I could understand Chinese...

I been over at OneManga.com many times checking on any updates on Kekkaishi but no luck. The latest they have is only up to chapter 203. Wonder what’s taking them so long? Over at pic.sky-fire.com they already have up to chapter 229! The only problem is it's in Chinese. >_<;  Sigh. The late chapters look really interesting… If only I could understand Chinese! Y_Y

Here are some panels from the latest chapters that are killing me with curiosity @_@:Collapse )

Random happenings...
The weather has just been so great over here it makes me so happy. By that I mean, cool breeze, partly cloudy with occasional drizzles.

I've been pretty busy with the last six episodes of Kekkaishi. Two more to go and I am done. We will be concluding dubbing this week so I am a little sad about that. But that's life, I guess. Good stories do end and projects are concluded. Lol.  But the happy thing about this is that good memories remain. And I am just extremely happy to have them. ^__^

No good news on my full-time job hunt. With the way things have been going, it looks like I will be sticking with my part-time job for a while longer... no complains about that really.

I got me a copy of the live-action version of Nodame Cantabile out of curiosity. Surprisingly, I like it. Seriously. I didn't think I would. I thought Nodame to be a bit too stupid initially but boy, does she grow on you. And so does Chiaki. Well, lemme just stop at that for now. I have only seen episode 1(several times)... I am still in the process of downloading the rest.... Will letya know what I think when I get to see the whole series. I am hoping to like it more though. 0_0

Also a week ago, I got a poor copy of Last Friends. That drama 
skiddmarks said was good. The one with a really cool MVish opening song. Unfortunately, my PC would not play it! >_<;;; (stupid bootleg stuff).

No work and no play makes me an idle monkey...
No manga panels today, haven't cropped one yet.(^_^) Just rushed scripts for two days straight because the guys at the studio suddenly needed it. Whew that was a record! Four scripts in 2 days and a half! Not that it was really difficult but I guess I am getting the hang of it now. Thank gawds! Otherwise, I don't think I would have finished all that. (0_0) *

So now, although I am physically drained from not having slept for two days straight, I am happy. Unlike if I were to do some other type of work - I'd probably be miserably dozing off by now. Speaking of which, I am pressured to get a full-time job. Argh! Just when things are getting really good at dubbing - my dream job! I have to be slapped with reality. But who am I to complain about that? I am not living in a fantasy world so what do I expect?! I gotta "work" to earn a living - at least to support myself. *sigh* Now if I could just find an ideal workplace... NO MORE CALL CENTERS PUHLEEEZZZZZ!!! I don't want to see another headset again for as long as I live! (except if it's for listening to music - that's fine)

This time I just want to take it easy. 'Nuff of the fast lane. I mean I did say I have to earn a living but I also want to live to work. I don't want to be like the robotic sales person I was before. Or the customer service agent whose always in a hurry(?!) I just want to have a decent paying job that doesn't require me to be inhuman. Hah! Good luck to me finding something like that! (>_>) If I had it my way, I would just like to dub for the rest of my life. Or be a theater actress...

I still am not talking to Otakuba - she is still scaring me. I don't want to get any messages from her either by mail or sms. If she's feeling the same thing then that's fine - good for both of us. I really think I need time off from her. *frantically nibbles at fingernails* Hope she doesn't ring me up either!

Alrighty, my eyelids are starting to shut on me. I guess it's time for me to rest now. Okay ciao happy world! I'll be hitting the sack for a while.


Blocking Negative Vibes with Kekkai!
I really am quite confused whether to update this blog or the one I have over at blogger.com... both blogs have their own attributes and both can fall short in some aspects but anyway, in case you do drop by my other blog over at that others site I mentioned you can just ignore that one as I am strongly thinking of giving that one up over this.

As expected, I didn't get to jog again this morning but it was due to some miscalculations! I will make sure to do better again tomorrow so as not to fail myself the second time. I better get up earlier than 5am - so I won't get in my younger brother's way who gets up that early to prepare for school.

Banana, potato chips and a cold glass(mug actually) of iced tea. That's my breakfast. Wanted to cook some canton noodles but nah - I am not that hungry anyways. The morning is pretty today. The sun is shining brightly yet it's feels cool. I guess I can say I am in a relatively "light" mood today - well, the ogre has almost popped a vein again but I am letting that slide - yet again! Oh, why am I so merciful? Why can't I just lash out like the tigress that I am? Am I that good? Can being patient be considered being good too? 'Coz I know I am patient. But good? Hmmm... I have my mean streaks - especially when I am watching TV. Lol.

Hating Mode
Whew! I've been quite busy these days since I have been given loads of scripts to work on. It's been keeping me really happy. Kekkaishi is such a joy. I just hope I can keep thinking about it so I can keep my mind off other less pleasant things like an annoyingly big ogre walking around our house. Kuso~! I'll probably be such a pain if I was a Kekkaishi hehe, since I will be  threatening to annihilate a lot of people I deem "useless". Or if I had a DeathNote - heaven forbid or I won't be able to control myself. First on my list would be D----; then my stupid neighbors(darn, I just don't know their full names!); then I just may consider that ogre lurking around here... SIGH I am really in a hating mode today. I shouldn't let this get to me. Even otakubaba is getting into my nerves. I am so not in the mood to see her! Grrrrr!

I may sound really pessimistic but I am fighting it. Honest! I am glad Yoshimori was of help. He's actually my inspiration now. He's such a darling. Which is why I am planning on doing my usual rounds tomorrow. Maybe it will help clear my head. I need it in order to be able to work efficiently.

How does a good person start hating people? This question just popped in - well, anyway since I am taking about my mood I guess it wouldn't be too weird. I was just wondering - I always thought of myself a fairly nice person but somehow, people around me haven't been so nice. At least a few of them... I really hate people who are, first and foremost, SELFISH. There's no getting around people like this. Their despicable however you put it. Being friends with them is useless because you'll probably not matter at all to them. All they ever think about is themselves, themselves and must I add - themselves! The want to talk, listen,care only for themselves and that is what makes them soooooooo disgusting to me! Secondly, I hate PATHETIC people. I can take arrogant people, because you can deal with them by arguing with them or fighting them physically - at least in those scenarios, I can somehow get some satisfaction. But if a person is pathetic, how do you deal with that? They just sit there, pity themselves, BE MARTYRS(oh I really hate these people). And there's nothing you can really do but---pity them! How can you help people who can't even help themselves??? which brings me to the third quality in a person that I hate most; which is being a COWARD. Urgh! These people don't deserve to be pitied much more live!  Even a  worm cut in half can live better that them! That's how pathetic I see them. They thrive by depending on others. No will to strive on their own. They have no dreams, no will to make their lives better, no hope for tomorrow. They are like leeches or parasites.

I refuse to have those qualities I just mentioned. Although I was once like that - I have scorned it! I wish never to return form being a lowly human being. It would be such a disgrace.

I am in a point in my life where nothing quite pleases me. Or that my muse often evades me that I am left uninspired. I may not be young anymore but I am definitely not that old yet. But how come sometimes I feel so sad? Like I have no more hope? It's like I am living each day just out of necessity or for the heck of getting through it... I feel so miserable.

Gomen ne Kami sama...

Is this my fault?

I want terribly to be happy yet why do I feel this way?

Eiga Sai
Last Saturday was a good day for me. I went to the Shangri La Mall to see a movie at the Eiga Sai or Japanese Film Festival. There were actually several shows scheduled to be shown that day but I could only stay to see one and that was Linda Linda Linda. I also met up with some online friends for the first time and I was really glad that they turned out to be really nice people. Overall it was a great experience. I am glad I decided to go even if I was quite nervous about meeting new people. In fact the experience was so pleasant that I want to see them again. ^_^ Arigatou Kami sama.

Down with the blues...
I feel so sad today. I also feel so stuffed. Been so lazy. I was suppose to clean the house but I wasn't able to!

Good reasons to post!!!
Aaaah! Lots of good news for this week! Half of the family celebrated my parent's anniversary and my mom's birthday last May 5 & 6, respectively. For the first day(or evening), we went to a resort called City of Springs. It's a hot spring! Yatta! I have longed for - kami-knows-how-long, to bath in an hot spring. And it was that Monday evening that I got my long-awaited wish! *sigh of relief and relaxation*. It was a "City of Springs" alright. Aside from several pools through out the resort, we also got a room that had it's very own hot pool! How cool is that?! A hot spring inside your very own room! Wow. Well what would you expect? Of course we enjoyed ourselves to it. It was even big enough for the five of us. Aaaaaaa~! That was heavenly. The food in this place was great too. Yum!

After our overnight stay at C.O.S. we headed back to one of our local malls we call Festival Mall and saw the movie Forbidden Kingdom. *Applause* Loved this movie. As expected from a Jackie Chan movie. It was feel-good, funny, very entertaining(this is also the first in a long time that I was genuinely entertained going to the cinema) and great casted flick. Need I say it was kung-fu action packed and... JET LI WAS THERE!!! My fave martial artist! Woohoo~!

The last trip for the day was a tiring, dizzying yet very fun trip to Enchanted Kingdom. It's been eons since I was back in this amusement park. It was great being there again with the kids. They bore the same excitement me and my brother Hector had, when we first  went to that place. We were running around the place. Going from one ride to the other. Too bad the Space Shuttle was closed when we went there - but nonetheless, it was still a fun trip.

I had to drag myself to work the next day (Wednesday). This is where my week dropped off the "happy scale". It was a torturous night. My head hurt really bad and my eyeballs were pounding. I wanted to go all-murderous on J.P. but I controlled myself. DoBo was being bitchy again too - and I found out why. She was cross that I was leaving - weird. I guess she was disappointed 'coz she won't be able to bully me anymore? Lol.  Someone ordered pizza that night - which I wish I didn't partake of! (+_+) 'coz some *bleep* employee just got a chance to ask me squarely if I was leaving. Out of politeness(my sickening politeness), I just said yes. (Well he certainly wasn't polite!)

Wait a minute didn't I say I had good news? *ruffles hair* Enough of this! The good news about that job is - it's history in my book!  *throws confetti and runs around gaily like a crazed monkey - overjoyed!* I left it behind! Earlier than I had planned - but yes, it's over! I'm done with it. Kapeesh!

One great news today too is... *drum roll*. I finally got Twilight! (and unexpectedly, New Moon!) Yipeee~!!! I'm so happy! Can't wait to read them all! *happy long sigh*

One thing that really lifted my spirits this month is Micheal Angarano. He's a Hollywood actor  - and a really charming one at that! I've been captivated by him in his role in Forbidden Kingdom. I dunno if it's his acting skills that I fell for, his eyes, or his innocent demeanor - maybe all? Lol.

Random things I am happy about:

1. I had a haircut and a hair dye - which didn't turn out exactly as I hoped it would(red) - but pretty nonetheless.
2. I was at the studio again last Wednesday afternoon and my voice sounded better. 
3. I finally got to try fresh Vietnamese spring rolls! I had shrimp and vegetables wrapped in rice paper and I also had braised tofu. Not bad.
4. I found my ideal necklace and pendant which I definitely will buy - soon. That is, after I save 1,800 bucks... (T..T)


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