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Happy Holidays Everyone!
Had a great Christmas. Did some last minute shopping but we didn't get a Christmas tree this time like we did last year.

The best present I got this year is something really cheap and worthwhile... a great work-out c/o my holiday cleaning spree... yay! There's no better workout that cleaning your house because after all your hardwork, you not only lose pounds, but you also end up with a clean home! Two birds with one stone ain't it?

I didn't bother getting Otakubaa anything this Christmas/her birthday.(She was born on Christmas day...)  I thought really hard about it and I realized that the only reason I could think of to get her a present is to fulfill my obligation as a "friend". And I hated it. I hate doing things perfunctorily... makes me feel so fake. I'd rather be misunderstood than be dishonest to myself. Besides, Otakubaa doesn't deserve it. She has broken my heart far too many times(in fact I lost count already) for me to waste my life on her. I want to be happy. And I want to have genuine friends that I can truly cherish. I don't want to cherish Otakubaa... And even if I wanted to, there isn't any happy thought involving her for me to hold on to.


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