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Back from a loooong slumber
Working late... but I gotta love it.<3

I made sure to have my nails done so when I type in the wee hours at least I will have my nails to make me happy. Lolz. Its red btw. Me loves black, dark blue or plum. I like colors that make my hand look even paler than it already is. Teehee.

I was never the office-type person, but I think its harder to work at home 'coz there are just way too many distractions like my cats, the TV, food (Y_Y), house chores and my bed! Gotta... discipline... self!

Speaking of work, I am thinking of just keeping one blog from now on. So I am sticking to LJ. *crosses fingers*. I've been to but something about their blog format makes the place feel so rigid and unartistic. I've also tried Vox but I feel so alone there... Then there's Wordpress, which makes me feel like a journalist(not sure if I like that). So far, the only blogging site that I really enjoyed aside from LJ is FC2, you know, that Japanese-run site? For someone like me who really digs Japanese stuff, I think that place is kewl: has nice skins and its user friendly. The only problem is, a majority of the people there are either Japanese or some other non-English speaking country. (>_<;) Which is why, I guess LJ is the obvious choice for me. That is, if I regain enough interest in blogging again.

The internet's been draining me in some way. True, cyberspace can be a really interesting place, but it's also overwhelming most of the time. Nowadays, I just try to limit my use of the internet for work and research purposes. Other than that, I try to keep away from social sites and forums. I am glad I am still in a way interested in blogging. For me, its still a more sophisticated way to enjoy the net and even if you type in nonsense stuff, it still seems more worthwhile to me than chatting, playing online or updating your status in social networking sites. Haha, do I sound like I dislike social networking sites? Well...


I guess all I want to say is, you'll probably be seeing more of me here. *yeah, yeah we've heard that before!*

Okay back to work.


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