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I've been wanting to quit my night job again. Monotony really gets me down. And the fact that my time is not in my hands freaks me out. Plus, on top of the fact that I am not really the office-type just makes things harder for me. But I guess kamisama answered my prayers and sort of calmed my restless heart. I have come into terms now with reality and have accepted things as they are. I have decided to keep both my jobs. It may not be an ideal situation for me... but I know this will make me happy in the long run.

Speaking of work, there are many an interesting people really in this world. Some you'd want to know more of and some... well, you'd rather have not been accquainted with at all. Just like this one particular person I have met at work who I swear scares the hell out of me. She clings to me like we've known eachother for years; wants me to accompany her wherever she goes; gives me a reprimanding glare when I try to ignore her and most of all is always there whenever I don't want her to be! She sits beside me at work, eats lunch with me and even walks home with me. I swear if she could go home with me she probably would! And damn I am so ANNOYED by her! Will it be mean of me to tell her off? I've been wanting to do so for the longest time but I just couldn't bring myself to. Part of me feels sorry for her because she looks so pathetic. But the thing is, whenever I start being nice and accomodating, she abuses my kindess(and patience) and starts hogging my personal space again! Oh and she can be so inconsiderate!

I am worried that I might see her again at work tonight. I dunno what to say to her. She just makes me want to jump out of the window in fright!


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