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End of hibernation - I hope!
Oh jeez I haven't been here in a looooooooooooooong while. I guess I got too caught up with tons of things that I just neglected my LJ! I guess this is the problem with having a real journal and a blog at the same time. I tend to write more on paper than online. That is if I even get the chance to write! Hehe... (excuses excuses...) Yeah, but honestly, I have been so overwhelmed by a lot of things that I really didn't get to write much. Even if I wanted to and sit in front of my journal or my PC, I didn't get to write anything... but I do plan to get over all that and start a new. I plan to write here as often as I should from now on. So here I am - again!

First of all, I like to say HI~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skidd! Sorry pal, been away soooo long. You've left and came back from Egypt and I didn't even get to chat with ya! How are ya? Hope you're okay. Good to see that you're being active with your blog hehe(unlike me! XD) I checked out your blog - I just didn't get to read everything yet. I am glad I did, now I am inspired to write again. Hehe...

In actuality, there have been tons of stuff that has happened to me that I myself can say is worth writing about. There's this new job I just got, dubbing, as usual; the new friends I have made; my thoughts; recent realizations; latest possible craze, etc... etc... TONS! So really, now I have no idea where to start. (>__<;) But in a nutshell, I guess what I can say for now is life has still been pretty good to me. Now more than ever, I feel so happy to be alive... and kicking(ass?). Lol.

Now to get my thoughts organized and plan what to write here one by one... be back with more updates soon! (^-^)/!

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hello kit-chan! good to see you back. haha. i know how life can cause a whirlwind to ensue and well simply some things got to take a step back huh? hahah. =) Anyhow, welcome back. and here's wishing you a great 2009! =)

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